Our City On A Hill

Our City On A Hill

Please check out this community site with the mission of “uniting believers and bringing out the God-colors in our city; so that God is glorified and the lost are found.” OurCityOnAHill  is a place to connect to God’s word, hear the hearts of local pastors and what motivates them, learn about local ministries and how you can be a part of what Jesus is doing through them, see big dreams and prayers for our city, join in prayer walks and prayer challenges, read testimonies of local people who Jesus is transforming, and hear about events and where Christ is moving. The hope is to connect the bright spots in our community and remove any racial or denominational divides so that the body of Christ can shine like a City on a Hill! Please share your voice!  Don’t live in Huntsville?  Maybe this is just the thing you need in your city.  Check it out!

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