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We were made for this!

We were made for this!


My alma mater, UNC, won in the NCAA Final Four game last night. Seeing this picture of Chapel Hill made me so thrilled that I cried a happy tear. My team won! It reminds me of that awesome day in 2005 when I was one of those people in a Carolina blue shirt on Franklin Street. I gave hugs and high fives to perfect strangers and even people I didn’t like. It didn’t matter because in that moment we were all united in victory!!!

There is a passion that comes out of people in sporting events.

I think it is because we were made for victory and uniting in praise. I believe it’s a small preview of what’s to come. Rather than a few thousand people on Franklin Street, John describes the scene in Revelation as “a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language.” He hears the voices of “thousands and millions of angels around the throne singing in a mighty chorus.” (Rev 7:9, 5:12) Can you even imagine how awesome this is going to be?!

Rather than a wearing a team color, we will all wear white, the robes of righteousness that he graciously gives us in exchange for our dirty clothes. And more than a game dog and nachos, we will be included as guests of honor in a royal wedding supper.  And just like the spectators of the game, our victory will not be won by us but the champion of our team. He may not seem like a champion by the world’s standards, but He is the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords. The same one who wore the thorn of crowns will return wearing many crowns, the one pierced by the sword will have a sword coming out of his mouth to strike down the nations, the eyes that wept at the tomb of Lazarus will be like blazing fire (Rev 19)…those same eyes that made the world and overcame the world still somehow see…us. And endured the unthinkable to rescue us into victory.  

Are there things that break your heart?

Injustices you long to see made right?

Situations that seem helpless?

Fears you can’t shake?

Loved ones you miss?

When our team wins, it strikes an emotional chord, and evokes a deeper hope that what opposes us has been defeated. It’s a taste of beautiful unity and the celebration that is to come. It reminds we belong to the Champion…and that His victory belongs to us. We were made to win!